June 4, 2023

Where To Go

When going to another city for vacation, business or just a casual trip one of the most pressing issue is “Where To Go” for night out on the town, dancing, movie, show, dinner or a specific type of food or just to see the sights.  When you call your in town friend they will give you suggestions on where they go or what they are familiar with or what they “Hear” is the place to go.  Sometimes those suggestions can be limiting.  Who knows, your friend may only eat burgers and hot dogs, and you may have a feel for seafood.  Well his suggestion may well be to his favorite burger joint that sells a good Fish Burger or Taco.  Or you may want to hit a great night club for dancing and drinks and the suggestion may be to the local 2 step bar instead of the salsa and marenga club.   The point is, when you get suggestion on “Where To Go” for any of your desires, the answers are as limiting as the person knowledge or experience.  You and your lady may get dressed up in you Ann Klein, Jimmy Choo’s, Ralph Lauren and Armani shoes, then end up at the local VFW where they have $2 drinks and a DJ with a speaker and P.A. system.

TIOM is offering you an alternative on choosing when, where, what, and how to step out on the town or grab a great meal of your desire.  A good knowledge of the venues, food, destinations and city attractions are as important when deciding to go to another town, state or country.  Lets say your friend only goes out on Friday nights and you ask him where you can go that has great dancing and music.  He may suggest the venue he only goes to on Friday nights,  but you’re only going to be in town Thursday night. Not knowing that Thursday night at a particular venue is karaoke night and Friday night is Hip Hop can really put a damper on the fly look you worked hard to coordinated just for this trip.